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姓名Kerrie Roberts 别名暂无
国籍欧美 出生地暂无
语言国语 性别
生日暂无 星座暂无
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1、Kerrie Roberts - Maybe I'm Afraid
Kerrie Roberts


3d字谜 At first glance, Kerrie Roberts is the unassuming girl with a huge voice. But once her voice captures you, it is clear there’s much more going on here. Dynamic yet intimate, uniquely emotive and soulful, her self-titled debut reveals the heart of an empathetic artist. These are the songs of a distinctly relational and prolific songwriter. “My father is a pastor, so my whole family has been shaped by the church,” says Kerrie. “From a young age, my parents always taught me to reach out to the broken and to those who need hope.” With her first performance at the age of 5, Kerrie grew up singing in church, playing piano and leading worship. She wrote her first songs in high school. The 10 songs on Kerrie Roberts reflect the redemptive seeds planted during those years and into her young adulthood. Thematically, the album explores a thoughtful side of faith, hope and love—the acknowledgment that an authentic life of faith isn’t void of suffering, the purpose amidst pain, the promise that a breakthrough is coming, and the motivating power of God’s love. Says Kerrie, “I want every song to leave people with a sense of purpose—a call to action, a realization of a truth, a promotion of hope and healing.”

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